Burris Friction Tape ?

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Jan 6, 2011
I was told by Burris there friction tape for rings is .004 inches thick. Has any one used this buy putting on bottom of rear ring only for gaining MOA since .00138 = 1 MOA. So the Burris .004 inch friction tape divided by .00138 = 2.9 MOA. I also wounder if this would work for just a little MOA ?
I'm sure someone has done it, but it's not a good idea. Putting a .004" on one ring will cause stress on the scope tube at both rings. Plus, it reduces the ring diameter by .008", which is excessive. You should match ring and tube diameters to within about .005" to minimize stress on the scope tube.

Raise the base instead using beer can material (.007"), if necessary. Shim the front or rear of each base to get the rings parallel to each other. Then lap the rings.
I only planned on putting on the bottom of the rear Ring. I would only Be out .004 which is within you limit of .005 & since I only planned on the rear Ring.
I saw that in your first post. Taping the bottom half reduces the diameter .008 from side to side. Then there will be an abrupt .008 diameter change at the ring split. This will cause the scope tube to become distorted, probably permanently. I've seen this happen with rings that use thick fabric tape to compensate for poor manufacturing. This approach will only lead to problems and cost you in the long run.

Shim the bases if you need the extra elevation. I've done it many times to correct base mounting problems on Mausers and lever action rifles that were not designed for rings and I've never had a problem. Use beer can strips to make large shims. Use small pieces of heavy duty aluminum foil (.001) to tweak he bases into parallel alignment. Also, use a torque wrench.
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