Target turret tape program??

Andy W

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Apr 17, 2006
Is there a program that I can enter my ballistics to make a turret tape that corresponds with my Leupold target turret?

Rather than spinning to the corresponding MOA I want to have it marked in yards.

I am looking to make a turret like the Kenton Industries turret, but without making a bunch of cut-outs and taping them together?
I am just too cheap to buy a Kenton Industries one, a paper strip taped on will do the same.

I know there is a program for single pin adjustable bows, so there must be one for scope turrets???
To my knowledge there is no program available. If you wish to pay me for my time I can build you the strip of paper with a computer. In fact I can build you four or five for different bullets, temperatures etc.

If you wish to pay less then I can build you the strip with water proof paper and handwritten yardages in water proof ink.

My time runs $100 per hour and that includes drinking a lot of coffee and watching the robins hunt for worms. So I suspect the cost will run you $400-$500.

If you wish to do it yourself, then you can look at this link.

Thanks for the link.

I'd get you to do it, but I had trouble reading your writing... Ha ha

I think I can tackle this on my own.

You can go into MS Word and by paying attention to characters per inch and location or each character on the MS Word Ruler and the scope ruler type it out. It will take a few hours, I expect, to experiment with fonts and line spaceing and then how the printer actually prints. But if you have free time it can be done.

Would you mind sending me a PM with the link to the Archery Single Pin program. I am considering starting back into archery and it might be what I need for what I want to accomplish.
Bob,,check out Morrison archery,, or go to if you really want to avoid single pin problems,,completely the other end of the spectrum compared to LRH and man it is soothing,,,NOT..but it makes you feel all the better when you clack em together at 20yds..
Excell spread sheet


4rk horn Joe has an excell spread sheet he shared with several of us a few years back that may do what you want to do. Woks better for me than Kenton Ind turrets as I can change things as often as I want.



Have also been able to adapt it to other scopes, though that is kind of trial and error for me as "I ain't very puter literate."
That is a great picture of what the finished product should look like. I have the Excell program as well as Brown Dog's MS Word program. Both are for 308's and as you say there is a lot of trial and error involved. That is why I recommend just doing it by hand.

Really fabulous pictures of how things should look when finished.

Making one by hand would work fine also.

Actually when used on Leupold Target Turrets it is just a matter of running a ballistic table and typing in the numbers you want on the excel spread sheet. Print, cut out, and tape on the scope turret. The pictures above are for a .223, 55 gr Hornady, at 3050 fps - and a 22-250, 50 gr Hornady V max, at 3775 fps. Also made up some for windage. If there is an interest I can try and post a picture later.

When trying to fit on another type scope such as Bushnell or Burris, some messing with the spread sheet is needed. That definitely gets somewhat frustrating for me.
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