Burris 2-7x32 LEER posi lock Ballistic Plex! Now New


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Sep 18, 2020
I am selling an optically new 2-7 Burris Handgun scope. It has the Ballistic Plex reticle, and the Posi Lock turret lock. I just got this back from Burris with new glass and a aproved turret check, with an all good report! It had a lense inside with some specs on it in bright light, they replaced it and went thru the entire scope.

It is the USA Made Model, not the newer imported.

It does have some very slight ring marks but hard to see once mounted. it has been flawless and only returned for the on internal lenses issue. It has never failed to hold zero, and now with all new sealed optics and bench tested by the Burris techs, I am selling it, and turning to red dots at my age LEER's are just to hard to use 67 years old!

$325.00 including free shipping to US address. The scope will be accompanied with the test report dated from Burris, it has not been mounted or used since the return. prefer PP for instant sale but contact me for your payment completion, first I'll take it here rules. by catter, excuse the cell phone photos!



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Too the top, fresh from Burris with new glass! USA model! New ones are imported!