Bullet Velocitys

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    Oct 20, 2013
    Good morning. I have read many forum discussions on this site and i have enjoyed and learned a lot from it. This is my first post only because i couldnt find the answers by reading the discussions.

    I am shooting a savage long range hunter 111 in 7mm rem. mag. I reload my own using winchester brass, federal 215 promers, retumbo powder and 168gr berger. I have noticed using a chronograph that the more i shoot the slower the velocities. It drops as much as 100 fps. I start of with a clean barrel and shoot 4 down range to foul the barrel and then i let cool before continuing with more test rounds. I will shoot 4 test rounds, wait 10 minutes then 4 more etc. What could be causing this? A dirty barrel, a hot barrel?

    Any information would be greatly apreciated.[FLOATLEFT][/FLOATLEFT]