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    Feb 2, 2008
    OK guys Im just going to start off saying I have a remington sendero chambered in 7mm stw it has a buckmaster 6-18 turrets bla bla it has 50 moa adjustment., let me say I bought the rifle before I found this awsome site, or I would of save my money for a lope or nightforse but I just cant swing it right now, if this scope will get me out to 6 or 7 hundred that will be fine for this year. Im just venting here, I thought this was the scope I needed for a 1000 yard gun this web site has tought me so much. the reason Im building this gun is I have lived in MT all of my life and killed alot of elk with a 7 mag last year me and my wife were sitting in a clear cut and seen the biggest bull I have ever seen close to 380 at 730 yards i know because I have a nikon 1200 laser. I turned to my wife and told her I was going to build something i could kill him this year. I know he wasnt killed this year or we would have heard about him. Im playing around with 160 grn barns mrx but I have a little more twicking to do. I had Dan coffin put a breack on it hes puttin a timminey in it this week


    this pic is my 14 year old daughter swing gong at 3oo yards

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    Jan 27, 2008
    If it makes you feel better....

    I'm dinging (donging?) a 15" gong with regularity (thanks to this forum) when the air is still at a 1000 with a 4.5-14 buckmaster. The buckmaster holds up just fine. I think as long as you can see the target and the scope holds zero and returns to your zero then you're OK. I use the mil-dots instead of turning the turrets though.

    I also use a bushnell 4-12 yardage pro scope on another gun that 's able to hit the gong.

    The gun is really what makes the difference as long as your scope holds still. The article I read on this forum (Long Range Hunting - LONG RANGE RIFLE ON A BUDGET), says your gun needs to shoot 1/2 moa or better. I have one that shoots 3/4 (did better last time out though) and another that shoots 1/4.

    If your gun doesn't shoot 1/2 or better, you're money will go farther by having a gunsmith work on it, instead of buying a new scope. My 2 cents.:)
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    Good to see people getting their kids -especially daughters- involved in shooting sports. And Welcome to LRH

    The Buckmaster isn't the best scope for Long range hunting, but it is one of the best for it's price. Don't feel bad for purchasing it over a Nightforce because the cost of the buckmaster would barely cover the tax on a NF ;)

    I just purchased the same scope for a 22-250 and have had good results so far. The buckmaster is a great buy.