Browning X-Bolt Eclipse Stainless Hunter


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Jul 5, 2011
Any feedback on one of these Brownings ? Good, bad or otherwise. Accuracy, quality, trigger, etc. Looking at one in a .300 WSM, but no experience with an X-Bolt.

I've got one in .22-250 with BOSS with a Swarovski 6 x 18 scope and I routinely take ground hogs out at 600 yards. My longest kill was a tad under 825 yards using a Nikon rangefinder. The only thing I can say bad about it is that is has a very substantial weight factor if your going to do any long range walking. With hunting groundhogs (if you do your research) I pretty much knew where I was heading and just set up with a bi-pod and waited.
Thanks for the response. I ended up finding a nice used Sako Tecomate that will be heading to my Colorado elk hunt with me in about 10 days.