broadheads 85 grn

rifle hunter

Dec 24, 2011
tried 85 grn grim reaper and the 85 spitfire missing a block target at 50 yds thats terrible i tried field tips they shoot decant but not like they say they should seems like they shoot differant every time i get it out got all the good stuf drop away rest trigger better set of bipods good rest scope is buried out right and up got the hha do u think 100grns is better for the tac 15 i if so what broadhead do i need to try tierd of buying broadheads that dont work
I'm using Rocket Steelhead XL 100 gr heads.
So far 15 one-shot kills out to 25 yards.
I've practiced out to 80 yards with them.
Use two O-Rings!!!
thanks twanger been trying rage they showing promise shooting the practice head out to 80 yds got field tips out to 140 got to try rage past 80 went to 125 grn that help thanks again
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