Brass choice for 300 win mag

Big D

Oct 11, 2002
Williamsburg Virginia
I currently use Winchester Brass. I have been told that the Norma Brass would give me better results. I now see that Lapua offers 300 win mag brass. Any suggestion on the better of these choices or personal experience would be appreciated.

Big D
To my knowledge Lapua doesn't make .300 win mag brass. IF you have found it let me know. In my opinion Lapua brass is superior. I am in the same boat as you looking for brass. I have bought 50 pieces of Norma brass and was told Norma is the next thing to excellent.I would love to buy 500 pieces of lapua brass in .300 win mag.
I don't believe you'd be making a mistake to buy Lapua brass. I use their brass for my 308 and 338 Lapua, good stuff. I have used Norma brass for my 300 Win mag(s) and am pleased with it too. Point is, use one lot, do case preps and repeat all preps on all brass.

Darryl and some of the other 1000 yards and beyond folks actually cull brass by point of impact history as I understand it, I haven't started that type process yet because of my short range only habit.
Matt27 I just received my Sinclair Reloading Magazine this past Wednesday and they had 300 win mag brass listed. It was marked New item, so they it must have just released it. Thanks for the advice. I think I will try the Lapua
Save some lapua brass for me Big D. Just finished forming .260 brass from .308 lapua brass. I thought it was gonna be a chore. Needless to say it was easier than planned. Thank goodness.Gonna head to the range tomorrow or today ,don't remember what time it is, and shoot the .260 and fine tune the 300.
Most of our F class guys use Winchester brass for 300WM's. A friend of mine took his new GA Precision to the 1K line last month. After his first match he decided to shoot 10 blind, with no spotters. Of the 10, I could cover 7 with my hand (fingers closed) and the three outside were still under MOA, verticle spread of less than 4". It was really a very nice group, shot from a 24" barrel, off bipods, with virgin brass and a 10X Leupold. I'm convinced Winchester makes the best US made brass.

Lapua is hands down better when it comes to out of box consistency and appearance, but I haven't found it to be any more accuarte so far.


I'm suprized he didn't cut that target out and keep it. Not bad for a rifle with 60 rounds down the tube and a shooter, shooting his first 1000 yard match.

You burn that 7RUM barrel out yet?


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