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SOLD/EXPIRED Brass and stuff for sale or trade

Its only light

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Aug 22, 2012
Central MN
Got some random things I don't need and hope somebody does.

Older factory rem. 700 trigger taken off stainless varmint- $50

39 pcs 338 LM Hornady once fired- $40

126 pcs FNH 5.7x28 brass- $15

1 box of 100 30 cal 150gr sp- $15

SPI 0-1 tube micrometer (for measuring necks, etc almost new used once)- $75

Simmons 44mag 6.5-20x44/AO some scratches from usual use but glass is in good shape and it's holds a zero. Plex reticle. Solid scope.- $70

I am open to offers and trades. I reload for 308 and 338 LM so any stuff for those would interest me. I also need general reloading supplies like ogive measurement tool, concentricity gage. Also any savage parts or tools, optics accessories, torque wrench for rings, you get the idea. I need a lot.

[email protected]- pics or offers
Hey guys can't edit my ad I guess so got some more stuff to add to it here

250 pack of 22 cal 55gr ballistic tips- $45

48 nosler ballistic tip hunting 180gr 30 cal- $15

51 Hornady amax 30 cal 168gr bullets- $15

100 Hornady fmj 55gr 22 cal bullets- $12

53 nosler varmegeddon 55gr 22 cal bullets- $9

100 Speer 55gr soft point 22 cal bullets- $12

27 herters semi pointed 55gr 22 cal bullets- $5 or will throw them in with purchase of the other 22 cal bullets.

I will keep adding stuff I find that I will not use so make sure you check back from time to time. I'm trying to get stuff that I will use for it or money for a custom gun build from long range hunting member 6.5 shaggy. If you haven't seen his stuff find him on this site and you will find pics of some guns he built. Great looking stuff so if your wanting to build a gun at the very least contact him and see what he can do. He will take care of you.

Anything else you are looking for feel free to contact me and I will check. Who knows you may jog my memory and remind me I have something I forgot about.
Ok got another update. All the bullets and the scope are now gone.

Still got the brass and the mic and trigger left for now.

May be adding some .223 brass and some 308 brass soon.

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