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SOLD/EXPIRED Brand new McMillan "Game Scout" stock for sale


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Aug 9, 2006
Greensburg, PA
I will be receiving this brand new stock from McMillan any day now - I am on my 15th week after ordering so I expect it any time now.

My build plans have changed so I am looking to sell, here are the specs:

*McMillan "Game Scout"

*Magnum fill weight, 13 5/8" LOP with 1/2" decel pad, 2 sling studs

*Action inlet = BAT HRPIC action

*Barrel inlet = Krieger #5

*Molded-in swirley colors = 60% olive drab, 40% black

*Bottom metal inlet = Badger M4 long action

If someone wants to buy it, I place it on "hold" till it comes in - I won't take payment until stock is safely in my possession.

$400 shipped/insured
I have one on my .300 Win Mag Sendero, love the stock! Especially dig the classic style forend and light weight.