SOLD/EXPIRED Blueprinted Colt AR15

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Dec 21, 2012
This is a meticulously, professionally built rifle made for one thing, accuracy. This isn’t a thrown together parts gun, and yes, it is expensive. The rifle, ammunition, scope, etc. were all put together as a package and is being sold as such; I’m not going to break it up as so much work went into it.
The rifle has set in a safe since being purchased and then built in ’97 (any smudges are from prints when taking pics) and is in as new condition ; the barrel has only been broken in. It includes a binder with all the details from the build. This would make for an incredibly fun varmint gun.

The rifle is blueprinted to fire Berger 73gr LTB and the buyer should expect groups well under .5moa if the shooter is capable. The recipe is included as well as 300 live rounds of this specific hand-load ready to go.

Some details…

Colt Pre-Ban Sporter Competition HBAR
Serial # CH007XXX
22” SS fluted Hart custom match barrel, 1:9 twist. Hand-lapped and then fire-lapped to a mirror polish. 1.0” diameter to gas block then narrows to .75” for the final 9 inches for fast pointablility. Free floated of course.
Heat stressed/embrittlement relieved and then cryogenically tempered/accurized by 300* below.
Bead blasted and then Duracoated a matte black.
Barrel extension was hard chromed and then hand fitted and torqued to 100Ft lbs. and pinned.
Match chamber cut with JGS Precision custom reamer made specifically for these Berger loads.
Pendleton muzzle brake.

JP Enterprises gas block tuned (drilled prior to lapping).

Matching Colt bolt and carrier that has been hand fitted and polished, hard chromed and a final hand lap to match tolerances after hard chroming.
Jeweled bolt.
Gold titanium firing pin.

JP enterprises single stage trigger tuned to crisp 2.5lbs with low mass hammer.
Ambi safety.
Prairie River teardrop forward assist.

Custom A2 stock with a perfectly fitted and blended in Tubbs 4-way adjustable plate. The stock, stowaway grip and sides of the Tubbs then Duracoated a multi pebble finish that matches the rest of the rifle perfectly. It is so well done you would swear it is factory.
All relevant to rifle allen wrenches in stowaway grip.

Wolff action spring.

Leupold VXIII 3.5-10X40 duplex reticle, matte finish. No scratches or damage of any kind.
Lapped MWG steel rings fitted to scope.

Harris BR bi-pod

1-20rnd and 1-30rnd Colt Magazines.

No tacticool here, this is a match grade tack driver. A no excuse turnkey set-up, including 300 rounds of match grade hand loads, with practically zero hours on it. The price reflects as much and is not intended to insult anyone’s intelligence.

$3,200.00 shipped.

FTF are welcomed; I’m in E. TN.
Will ship only to a FFL and I am NOT a FFL, know the laws in your state. Please PM me with questions.


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Dec 21, 2012
Yes, the hand loads are what the rifle is blueprinted for. Yes, they are moly coated Bergers. I will consider trades, and I know it is a lot of $$ for an AR. Thanks.
(Barrel break-in groups).


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