Blooded my new TRG 22


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May 23, 2007
Cornwall UK
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My self , And a couple good friends ( Dave and his son James ) went out for a bit of long range fun this afternoon with a couple of .308`s and dave's 6.4x47....

Dave took us to a lovely piece of ground he has permission on.

We started off on a target board to check for zero at 200 yards. James put 5 rounds in to a 1.5 inch circle to test his zero and was very pleased.

I had loaded a box full of 155 Amax over 46 grns of Varget and needed to test for group.
I shot my first cold bore round after dialing in 1.5 MOA and was amazed to see it hit the cross on the target board, the next 3 rounds were all touching the first with one round about a half inch or so out from the group, so i was also very pleased .

Dave fired a few rounds and printed a small group also but seemed to be affected by the light wind more than James and I. we put this down to the fact that we were shooting prone off bi pods and Dave was shooting off the bonnet at a higher elevation obviously in the wind more than we were to remember folks..
I tried my loads over the crono, but could not get a reading in the bright sun light, so guessed at a velocity of approx 2875fps. Loaded up the iphone using `Ballistics FTE` and set about looking for a long range bunny...

It was not long before we spotted a few at 280 and 330 ish so Dave turned them inside out with his 6.5x47 / Amax he was well pleased.

Next up was my turn and Dave spotted one for me at 434 yards, I dialed in the correction and sent a 155 Amax on its way and watched the rabbit in the scope spin around and flop on its side ha..first blood for me and my TRG ...Then Dave spotted another at 488 yards and the TRG did another fine job..no2 in the bag...

Now it was James`s turn , as it was his first time out testing his new custom .308 by Neil MacK...he was a little unsure of his dialing and load combo ( having only fired 20 running in loads thru the new tube )...he did very well and got **** close to a few at 350-400 yards ( could have been further ) i forget...James was never more than a click out and scared the crap out of one at `way out there` range...well done James time mate .

Dave spotted a couple magpies for me at 640 yards but i missed it by a whisker ...shame, as i like parting there feathers and hearing the `pop`...Just after this Dave said .." I got one for ya" and it was a nice plump rabbit at 531 yards ...So i dialed in the correction and gave it 1MOA for wind...and sent another 155 Amax on its way....James said he watched the bullet all the way to the rabbit and so did clipped the rabbit in its spine and we watched it jump in the air and give a `Death kick`...Of all the shots I had this afternoon, I got the impression my rounds were landing just under a click higher than I had expected the next step is to get a good velocity reading and load that into my Ballistics program, then shoot some groups again at 200 yards and test for group...

This is an image of James`s new stick...


This is an image of the land we were shooting over ...

Target board is the white square ...


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Feb 15, 2009
Nice shot on the bunny. Sounds like your right on top of things-check velocity, re-run ballistics and then keep us posted.


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Nov 3, 2008
Central Pennsylvania
Good shooting. Wish I had the game numbers you have. Where we hunt for groundhogs we see more crows (magpies) than anything. You start shooting at them and it takes a while for them to return. We are shooting at 800+ yards all the time. Nice rifle in the pic. I would love to get my hands on a TRG!