Blackpowder LR site??


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Nov 11, 2003
La Grange, TX
Anyone aware of a good Black powder website with good info, especially related to pushing the blackpowder rifles to their limits in hunting?

Thanks, Jeff
Then again, I've playing with the idea of getting a used savage muzzleloader and installing a 34" barrel on it. This would be easy to do since I have a wrench and barrel blocks for a switch barrel savage that I'm working on now. Something to think about.

They just blew one of those Savages up (same website). Personally if I had a smokeless ML I'd stay away from pushing it as I don't trust the technology yet.
You can do pretty good with Triple 7 powder. As soon as I finish pillar bedding my Omega in a couple weeks I'm going to attempt to tune up a 500 yard load. 300 was a piece of cake. For hunting deer-sized game you're pretty much limited to 400 yards, even with smokeless, because the bullets aren't efficient enough to carry sufficient energy that far.
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