I have a cheap 15X56 Vortex Diamondback binocs that are used with a tripod while shooting rodents. I also use them for looking at stars from my deck while having a beer. I can spot gophers at over 400 and see 3 of Jupiter's moons. Getting something much better would cost 2 or 3 times more. I have a much smaller 10X42 Vortex Diamondback that I use while walking.
I personally would go somewhere that carries multiple brands. We did just that and looked through them all at low light and objects at various distances. Not all binoculars are the same and realized that from even same make and model had variations. We were constantly getting pushed by the dealer to go Swarovski. After having all the various makes out in the same power and diameter we kept eliminating as we with the people at the store. One brand stood out pretty good and it was not Swarovski but they were pretty pricey. The next one that to my surprise was a razor. Even the individual from the store was surprised and agreed. truthfully We were all little disappointed in the Swarovski and I even own some. Needless to say we now have a razor. Just my two cents but compare them at the same time and same power and magnification to your eye and get them adjusted for your eye before you make your decision.
I also did something very similar when trying to decide which to go with and the razor 10x42s came out on top for my application as well. They are tough, crystal clear and have definitely been put through the ringer without any looking back!
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