Big Game Bullet Accuracy


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Mar 4, 2004
North Dakota
I figured I would post some results with some of the bullets I have tried in the last couple of months. All groups are three shots at 100 yards out of stock rifles.

This one was shot out of 300 Win Mag in a Sako TRG-S. The bullet is a 200 grain Barnes TSX going 3005 fps not the best group but good enough for hunting.


This one is from a 7MM STW in a Rem Sendero. The bullet is a 140 grain Barnes TSX going 3613fps all I can say very fast !!!

This one is out of the same STW as above. The bullet is a 160 Barnes TSX going 3276fps I think this load is going to be my long range Elk or Moose load.

This one was shot again with the same STW it is a 175 Nosler Semi Spitzer Partition going 3102fps I will probably use this bullet for some long range Elk or Moose as well. The reason I posted this is to show Big Game bullets can shoot very well and I know some people have been asking about the accuracy of the new Barnes TSX.

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what was the recipe for the 160 TSX bullet. i am getting a winchester 70 coyote with the BOSS in 7STW in a couple days and have a box of the 160 TSX's that i want to load for it along with some 150 Scirrocco's.
Gene Cole III
The load for the Barnes 160 TSX is 83.0 grains of H-1000 in my rifle the pressure is fine I would start at 79 grains and work your way up you might also want to try R-22 and I would start at 75 grains with that and work your way up.
dakor, congrats on getting the TSX to shoot. I am one of those unlucky guys when it comes to Barnes bullets. Minute of BIG backstop is the best I have been able to do at long range. Pity.

Try these bullets at long range to see how the groups stay.

Remember that the Barnes aren't the best choice when impact vel drop under 2500fps. If going to use them at LR, you may be disappointed with the impact effect.

That is why I and most others use "soft" bullets. By the time the bullet arrives, it has slowed down to where it will perform best.

I have had superb performance with Hornady Interlocks/SST. Also, shot Interbond, Amax and Matchkings at gongs with great big dents at LR (none at game yet). So I am very pleased with how these bullets will work for me. They are also consistently sub MOA at ranges beyond 500yds.

When it comes to LR hunting, I focus on accuracy at max range and impact vel. I want both to be suited for the bullet and game I am shooting at.

The main thing I guess why I have luck with the Barnes is I load them to fit in the magazine box so I would say I am 120 to 140 thousands off the lands you cannot load them close to the lands they just do not seem to shoot as well at least in the rifles I have shot them in. I for one dont believe you have to be close or right on the lands for accuracy I load all my loads to fit in the magazine box I am a walking hunter so to speak and I dont carry a table with me I take long shots when they come kneeling or with a bipod and I am good out to 500 to 600 yards (I know that these shots are chip shots to alot of folks on here) but I do not get to pick my shots sometimes they happen at 20 yards sometimes at 500 that is the way it goes.
So it is a little more work trying to find a bullet that can do it all. I know that the Barnes is sometimes not the best for expansion at long range this is where the Nosler partition comes in. A friend of mine had a STW just like mine and he has shot deer with the 140X out to 650 yards and another deer at 700 yards with a 150 Partition. The one with the X bullet dropped in his tracks but he broke both shoulders the deer with the Partition dropped also that bullet went through the ribs and still opened up at 700 yards and exited the deer. I like the Partition it seems to open even at low velocity but I did order some Accubonds those I feel will be better for long range hunting they have a High BC and are supposed to retain the same weight as a partition.
Dakor, Awesome groups, simply awesome..

He who say's magnums can't shoot......can't shoot magnums..

I haven't used the TSX bullets yet, but just got done developing loads with a .30 cal. 180 Accubond..

Had a fantastic time shooting my Warbird, especially since those Accubonds were grouping under 1/2 " moa.. @ 3520 fps.

Your STW should fare quite well with Accubonds, It is an inherently accurate cartridge, I believe you'll be very pleased with 'em.. I am very satisfied with 'em in the accuracy dept., we'll see how bullwinkle feels this fall..

Again..nice groups..very nice.
Thank you that rifle does shoot really well anyone looking for a standard rifle that shoots well a Remington Sendero is tuff to beat. I hope the Accubonds shoot well I have the 140gr and 160gr on the way I will let you know how they are. I am sorry for putting this post here I meant to put it under Bullets and Barrels.
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