Best time of day and weather for coyote hunting?


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Dec 26, 2008
I'm new to it and saw several coyotes during deer hunting. I've tried to call 2 or 3 times with no sightings or sounds. The times I have gone it was very cold -10 or colder and middle to late afternoon. I'm wondering if certain times of day would be better or different weather patterns would be better. The times I have gone have been calm with little wind. I hunt in farmland on the edges of fields or clearings in wooded areas, should I try deeper in the woods? I use an open reed call and have been studying videos and clips to learn the sounds. I had some luck 15 years ago when I hunted fox, but none recently. Thanks for any help.
I've personally always had best luck early through late morning, and again just before dark, unless a storm with high winds is about to move in. The day before the high winds and blizzards hit can be very productive all day.

Watching clearings is good, if you can have your downwind be in one of these clearings........much better. There are fewer coyotes everywhere this time of year than there were during October, and they are more spread out. Are you seeing fresh coyote sign in the area you're calling?

Sneak into the area, set up where you can watch your downwind side, most coyotes (especially if they've been educated) will come to your downwind side if they come.

Good luck and Good shooting.
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