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Feb 12, 2004
Well i have been starting to look into putting together a long range rifle. The thing I am trying to do is figure out a budget as I will get each component as I can and then have it all put together. With this I am tyring to figure out the scope to get. I am looking at USO and nightforce. Maybe Swaro and Zeiss as well. Just wonder what your opinions are of each and which you would buy and why. I am looking at max distances from 750-1000 meters.

Thanks you in advance for your time on this.
nightforce 3.5-15 or 5.5-22. If you need huge amounts of MOA look into USO. European makers way overpriced due to high european labor cost.
There is no such thing as a "BEST" scope.The one that is best for me might not look good to you.Look through ever scope you can get your hands on and make your pick that way.If you gave me a Night Force,I would take it.But I would trade it in on 3 nikons
What's your favorite Nikon at this point?

I like the 5.5-22 NXS R2, and NO Boyd, I won't giving it to you!

I have used the Nikon 2.5x10x44 tactical extensively and I love it. It's an outstanding scope.

Email in-bound regarding the Monarch.

Sako, Being the Burris slut that I am, I'd try the 6x-24x-50mm Black Diamond/SF, w/Ballistic Mil-Dot, zero @400yds. and the lower lines will take you out 1000yds., actually where the thick part of the plex goes into the thin part would be your 1000yd mark, these scopes have excellent resolution, better than Zeiss's VMV model in fact, buddy at work just got a 4x-16x BD, and loves it. check em out,, Jay
I'm very happy with the Nikon Monarch's I have. I also have a 2.5-10 Tactical that is excellent. Worth the extra few bucks in my book
This doesnt suprise me actually. I have always felt the Nikon is an excellent choice right along with the Bushnell Elite 4200 (I have a 4000 now). Looks like my next 2 scopes could be the Nikon's. The Burris is nice, but for some reason, maybe it's my eyes, but I just dont like something about them and I dont know what it is either. Weird eh?

I have never looked through a nightforce or a USO so I figured they would be the ultimate to get, but typically it sounds like I can get what I would need for about 1/5 the cost.
Sako, Well, the Nikon Monarch gold model(30mm) did get the "Editor's choice" last year in Outdoor life's Gear test 2003, though the Black Diamond did do better in the Resolution category, getting an Excellent, while the Nikon got VG, I've looked through the "Gold" model 7 months ago, though it was inside the store, seemed to be pretty good, though it was just a short observation, one of my "Rifleshooter" mags says the Tactical models have a slight mushy feeling to the W/E adjustments, but otherwise said, they're a scope to keep an eye on. BTW, which Burris model have you looked through? I've never had any problems with the "sight picture" of a Burris. Jay
Jay, I looked through just about every one of their scopes, including the BD and Mr.T. Like I said I really cant put a finger on what it is about them but something just didn't seam right. I would bet a mill it is just my personal eyes. I would never tell anyone not to buy one as I think they are a fine scope and I really like the posi-lock feature on them. Maybe I am weird though, I dont care at all for most leupolds either. The funny thing about that though is I own 2 of them one is the Vari-XIII 3.5-10 40mm in german recticle and the other is a 3.5-14 52mm LPS with 30mm tube. The LPS was an expensive bugger and I wouldnt trade it for me Elite 4000 which was less than half the cost. The other was just a steal of a deal that I couldn't refuse. I would not have bought it otherwise but it is a nice scope that I am sure will give me years of fine service. Just no way would I give them what they want for one now.
If you're shooting to 1000 you really should have 15X - 20X

I would opt for the Lupy LRM1 6.5-20, LRM 8.5-25 or the Night Force 3.5-15, or the 5.5-22X,

Not saying the others arn't good but those 4 have been time prooven...
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