Best hygiene wipes for backpack hunt

You fellas gotta let this thread go. Every, every,every show on television today is forcing these things down our throats ( literally) and now our forum is caught up on DUDE WIPES...what you do in camp should stay in camp! As for a final remark....aren't DUDE WIPES...just the curtain beside the bed! 🤣
Only when visiting my in-laws.
What do you guys do with your soiled dude wipes? I'm a backpack hunter and everything that goes in comes out. I've migrated towards a single cotton washcloth and a 1oz vial of scent free, biodegradable body soap. There's plenty of water where I hunt so a Backcountry shower every 2 or 3 days is easy. It gets harder when it starts to freeze though
I usually clean up back at camp and they go in the fire or in the trash bag
I put the used wipes in a plastic bag. My game cleaning gloves go in that bag also and when I ready civilization, it gets tossed into the garbage.