Best hygiene wipes for backpack hunt

What do you guys do with your soiled dude wipes? I'm a backpack hunter and everything that goes in comes out. I've migrated towards a single cotton washcloth and a 1oz vial of scent free, biodegradable body soap. There's plenty of water where I hunt so a Backcountry shower every 2 or 3 days is easy. It gets harder when it starts to freeze though
I will probally let them dry out and pack out! Seems more convenient than traditional washing.
If you dehydrate the larger wipe packages, consider rehydrating them with witch hazel. It cleans better and makes for a better field bath.
test your brand of wipes & witch hazel before committing to it since some brands fall apart or weaken from the hazel. Kirkland work well for me but for singles I use dude wipes.
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My backpacking go to. Water activated towels. About the size and thickness of a large paper towel. I can do a full body wipe down with one. I'm 6'4". When it's cold heat about a half a cup of water to activate it. With some of the baby wipes I can feel a residue on my skin but not with these. I have seasonal allergies. To avoid all the pollen in my hair getting rubbed onto my pillow and then irritating my eyes nose while I sleep I use a rinsless shampoo. Very easy to use and great when it's cold since u don't soak your head in water twice.IMG_20210907_124957019.jpgIMG_20210907_125010588.jpg These can be found at drug stores and medical supply stores.
I lean towards the Costco Kirkland brand of baby bum wipes, although they aren't flushable, and I don't know about biodegradable.
What ever happened to hunting? Baby wipes...Dude about..hey fellas...what's your favorite brand of ONESIES? How about our favorite you spray mommas perfume on it....or take it unscented like a Man? What happened to a bar of soap and a handful of grass or your shirt tails?
When packing out caribou, I had blood run down my back clear into my boots. Being camped by a lake was convenient. The water was a balmy 40 degrees, so I just waded in and washed my clothes while wearing them, stripped them off and threw them on the bank. Then I got washed up and put on dry clothes.
The next day someone cast a line in that water and three northern pike chased the one on the hook. I thought it was sunken sticks that I was running into. Maybe it's time to update my outdoor hygiene habits.
Got my Dude Wipes from Walmart last night.By October 23rd (Opening for elk and deer) here in Montana we should have snow on the ground about then,some years it's just cold and no snow so who knows but at least I am prepared.
You didn't? Season where I have the hunting land opens NEXT THURSDAY....☺