Berger bullet tissue damage


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Jun 3, 2013
Berger 6.5mm 130 OTM, 2901fps MV, 454 yards. Approximate remaining 2348fps & 1587ft/lbs on target. Large mule deer buck, quartering away, slightly downhill, bullet entered back of ribs, took out both lungs, stopped under offside skin in the neck. The buck dropped at the shot without a twitch.






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May 15, 2020
Dallas TX
Good morning Gents

not really trying to steer away from the main subject. But so far by looking from all the pictures and posts pretty much is the same experience that I had when they first introduced their “ hunting bullet “ and one of the main reasons why I stopped using them.
Out of a 308 win, 6.5 x55 and a 243 all of the deer and pugs we ( my daughter and me ) had exceptional performance but other times very poor performance.

I had deer I can put a cantaloupe on the exit wound with animal DRT. And other times with a little bit entry and exit wound with having to track the animal looking for tracks not blood.

I had two deer that did these same reactions.
after the shot both drop like a lightning strike them ( both times I thought the deer was death) only to the surprise that after 45 seconds both deer stood up and start walking like if someone had injected them with compressed air all bloated.

The last time I used one and will never use them again was on a trophy buck me and my daughter hunted for 3 years. She took a perfect shot deer ran like nothing happened only to stop 100 yards and collapsed. Absolutely no blood on the ground.
I sent an email to Berger and they were very helpful to the point that sent me 4 free boxes of their at the time orange box of hunting bullets they said that the only explanation is that they have mixed their target and hunting. Which I do not believe.


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Jan 27, 2019
Don’t have a picture but I shot a decent 5x5 mulie at 198 yards. Hand load 6.5x55 sporterized Swede 140grn Berger’s with IMR 4350. Never got it chronographed but I’m guessing 2600 to mid 2700 FPS. Buck hunched up at the impact and fell over dead without a twitch. Since I had to get on a plane the next day I wasn’t able to inspect to much but I never found an exit and when field dressed I never found any fragments. The heart and lungs were just bloody mush. I’m still not 100% on if I will continue to use them seeing as how the performance seems to be all but consistent from other members on here. They sure shoot good though!!!



Nov 21, 2016
Shot a bull moose with .270 win using 140 gr Berger VLDH at about 75 yards. Broadside, four accurate shots behind the shoulder. I shoot them till they drop. It took four steps and fell. 4 entry wounds and not one exit wound. Lungs looked like they had gone through a blender. Dead is dead, but I have my doubts as to whether I will continue to use that bullet for hunting again. I hear great things about them for long distance, but most of my kills are inside 200 yards for mule deer, elk, and antelope. Not to mention, in my experience, Berger VLDs tend to be finicky when developing accurate loads.


May 20, 2020
Remember a story in Rifle (?) about a NZ hunt with them. Killed things very dead with no exit wounds. Blew up on large bones. Not sure any real advantage at ranges most game is shot.

Have not run them against Barnes LRXs past 600. No real big game difference in POI although the LRX will always break bones and usually leave 2 holes.


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Apr 7, 2019
I have seen 4 cow elk and 2 mule deer go down to Bergers. None made it far, and only 1 exited.

Cow elk:
168gr HVLD from a 300 win mag at 350 yards. 1 shot.
115gr HLVD from a 257 weatherby at 260 Yards. 2 shots. Upon inspection the first shot would have done it, but I shot again not knowing if the first shot was good. The elk went 30 yards.
135gr Berger Classic Hunter from a 6.5x55 at 180ish yards. 1 shot. She went 20 yards.
135gr Berger Classic Hunter from a 6.5x55 at 160ish yards, 2 shots. 1 high shoulder that probably would have done it, but 1 more lung shot that anchored it. She went a total of about 40 yards.
NO EXITS on any of the elk.

Mule Deer:
135gr Berger Classic Hunter @ 250ish yards on a 4x4 mulie (the one in my avatar) 1 shot, the deer went 40 yards.
135gr Berger Classic Hunter @ 30 yard on a small spike. Hard quartering. It exited with a nasty exit about 3" in diameter out the front of the chest. DRT.

I don't shoot the heavy Bergers in heavy calibers so I will not purposefully shoot shoulders.

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