Berger 30 cal 230 target


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Dec 13, 2007
My win mag will be done soon. I am slowly getting everything needed for loading so I will have it when the rifle gets here. I am about to get some bullets. I have been planning on shooting the berger 30 cal 230 target because of the .743 g1 bc. I would rather shoot these over the otm if I can because of the higher bc. Midway says they are out of stock and seasonal run. Brownells and Grafs are out of stock. I see extreme outer limits has them in stock. Is it true these are only a seasonal run? And if so, should I not even get started on them? Why would it be seasonal? And now that we are on the topic, any word on the 230 hybrid hunters?

I think the guy you talked to at Midway doesn't know what he is talking about. This bullet or any Berger makes isn't made seasonally. That phrase I believe was created by folks like winchester with some of their brass production. What it really means is they are not going to make the stuff on a regular basis.

This is not the case with Berger's lineup of bullets. It is quite simple. This is a relatively new bullet. Berger produces X amount and sends them out meanwhile moving on to another bullet. Sometimes the sales will quickly gobble up the production run. All Berger can do is take note and try to get more of a particular bullet back into the production line asap. We have seen this with many of the bullets that Berger makes.

If you call them they can tell you if the bullet is available and what vendor has them in stock or when they will be making more.

Gunstop has the 230 match target hybrid too:

Gunstop Reloading Supplies - Berger Bullets Rifle Bullets

Here is the list of top vendors for Berger bullets taken from their website:

Top Resellers | Berger Bullets
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