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SOLD/EXPIRED Benjamin Marauder 22 PCP w/ Match Barrel ***Trades considered!***


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Jan 25, 2022
Cody, Wy
I have a Benjamin Marauder .22 w/ lothar and walthar match barrel. Retails for $680 (currently on sale at Airgun Depot for $650). Comes with a little less than 500 JSB Diablo pellets, 250ish tin pellets, and a Caldwell bipod (in functional condition but not perfect).

Only has 250ish pellets down the barrel. Target shooting and dove hunting only, other than that it was a safe queen. Bought it in December of 2020. Selling it because I just don't shoot it much anymore and rather get some more powder burner stuff. There is a slight scratch on the barrel shroud as noted in the pictures. Gun was sent to Benjamin in January to get the most up to date air gauge so practically in factory condition.

***Would entertain trades for optics!***

This is the exact model of the rifle: https://www.airgundepot.com/benjamin-marauder-synthetic-lothar-walther-barrel-air-rifle.html

$400 + shipping for everything

Let me know if you're interested!


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Still available. Shipping depends on location. Roughly $50-$70. Local pick up also available. Traveling to Kansas City from Northern Wyoming in May and then to Vancouver Washington in July from Northern Wyoming.
How does it shoot? I have friends that claim no problem on ground squirrels out to 75 yards... that's without Lother barrel. I have no experience with PCP but been itching to try one out.