SOLD/EXPIRED Benjamin Marauder 25 Caliber PCP rifle


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Dec 20, 2010
For sale a Benjamin Marauder PCP rifle in 25 caliber with synthetic stock. I bought this for my son a few years ago and his is grown now and has lost interest in it. It has been store with about 2500 psi in the reservoir. I shot it a few times today and it shoots good, averaged around 700 fps for 3 shots with 27.8 gr pellets. This is a Gen 2 Marauder with the slim stock, adjustable comb, adjustable trigger, barrel shroud, depinger and ambi cocking bolt.
Asking $300.00 shipped to CONUS

Note: I do not have a pump available, I am keeping the pump that I have because I have another PCP rifle that I shoot.

Benjamin Marauder 25cal Syn-1.jpg Benjamin Marauder 25cal Syn-2.jpg Benjamin Marauder 25cal Syn-3.jpg Benjamin Marauder 25cal Syn-4.jpg Benjamin Marauder 25cal Syn-5.jpg
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