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I am having trouble with consistency. I get 2-3 shots in a littel tiny group then without failer I have a flyer or two. Anyone have a "manula" or link I can go to to help with technique or "style". Hell just comments or suggestions at this point will help... very frustraiting....
If this is the only rifle you are having a problem with then I would suspect a bedding problem. If you are not familiar with shooting from a bench find someone who is and let them give it a go. It is difficult to troubleshoot without watching you shoot, but the most common error I see is leaving the sling swivel studs on the rifle. They can hit the rest and ruin the grouop. If you can give more info about your setup maybe some more suggestions can be made.

Does the flyer come at the same point in your string, or is it just random? (Always the last shot, always the first shot, etc). Do they go to the same spot, or direction? (Last shot goes high, first shot is at 3 o'clock, etc). If so, I'd be thinking "rifle". If they are random, I'd be thinking "shooter". Lots of things could be wrong, with a little more info we might be able to do a long-range diagnosis (no pun intended!) a little easier.

Like 6ppc said, watch the sling swivel stud, even without a sling attached. Grip the rifle the same each time. (I have a rifle that likes to be held tightly to shoot best for some reason). Position it the same on the bags each time. Some guys put a piece of masking tape around the forend, then set that point on the bag, etc. Watch the wind! If it's a heavy kicker, be careful that you don't develop a flinch mid-string. Make sure your parallax is set correctly to "dial-out" any scope error. And once you've done all of these, HOPE that luck is on your side & guides those bullets in!

The other two comments were very informative and one of them could be your problem.

I have one question, you wouldn't happen to be shooting from a "BI_POD" on a firm table would you? I didn't hear anything about A front or rear rest.

Just a thought.

Darryl's right. I, too, was shooting great groups using a front rest at my father-in-laws and when I got home I put a Harris bipod on the rifle. Don't have a front rest and use the bipod while hunting, so I thought this would be good- WRONG! My groups nearly tripled in size with the bipod resting on concrete. I moved to hard dirt and they tighted back up, but I still had the occasional flyer. It would usually be 1/2 to 3/4" to the left or right. Doesn't seem to do it resting in grass so it's now on my prairie dog rifle. Will carry a front sandbag type rest in the field from now on.
Many things can cause flyer. The shooter is the cause most times . But then if you know how to hold and know your trigger then you move into the rifle. that could be many things, bedding, barrel moving and touching the bags ect. Or may be your barrel is fouling out I have 243 that after about 40 shots you better clean it. or you get some real flyers. scope mounts loose ect all these things can cause flyers.
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