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Sep 2, 2002
Who ever said this is a smart person indeed.
Got my new rifle today. Savage 12fvss-s single shot .223 1/9 twist synthetic stock that is PILLAR BEDDED from factory! It is awesome kinda like the girl with the perfect body and great personality but an ok, face well this is it. Bolt seems smooth rifle seems strong and rigid it just feels good, way better than my Win model 70 before the bedding job I did on the Winchester after bedding winchester sounds more solid but still not up to the savage. I have a Choate Ultimate Sniper on the way also so I think I will bed them both and have a bench style heavy stock and a walk around stock for calling with my new FOX PRO 32 im like a kid in a candy store today. Oh yea last but not least I bought Ken Farrell matched one piece base and rings they look tough.

I was reloading for above rifle with my new Lee deluxe rifle dies and these are the Savage of dies, not purty but they do a great job. WAAAAY better than my RCBS from other rifles. Bullet seating is such a breeze and within .0005 every time! Thats like what the redding competition does. I read somewhere that if Lee put that fancy top on theirs like Redding they would be every bit as good but I sure don't need that option the Lee works great!! For only $28 you get a neck collet die, full length die and seating die, I will never buy RCBS again it will be Lee or one of the Redding competition. Now if the Tasco Sniper scope works as well as both of the above and as well as the reviews Look out.

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May 25, 2002
Congrats Roddy on your new purchase. Those savages are fun shooting rifles. I had the 10FP in the 308 before I sold it to a friend. He put the Choate ultimate varmint stock and a 20moa steel base from Ken Farrell. I am really impressed with the bases from Ken, and the customer service is great.

One thing about the Choate stock though. The one on my friends 308 has to be bedded, the V-block isn’t exactly perfect. As a mater of fact it needed a piece of 16-gauge aluminum added to one side of the front V-block to center the barrel in the channel. The stock pinches the action and makes the bolt stick. He hasn’t been shooting much lately so it’s out of action right now.


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Jun 13, 2007
Wilmington NC
Might try the Forester Bonanza Benchrest dies also. Micrometer top etc. Reddington is copy of the Forester. Many LR BR guys are using them and about half the price of Reddington. Also, you can send a full length size die off and have bushing put into it for $35 form Jim Carstenson (advertises in Precision Shooting). Have had several done like that. Agree do not use RCBS for anything with dies anymore.

Eithe Forester BR or Reddington dies only.


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May 4, 2002
Howdy Roddy, fellow Savage fan. I dropped a stock Savage 110FP Tactical in a Choate Ultimate stock, had the trigger improved, loaded up some 180 SMK and when to a 1,000 BRSA match in Missoula. Shot a 14.5" and scored 86. Not bad for a stock "ugly" rifle and even uglier stock. Loved the Choate, but too heavy in the long run, so went to McMillan. I have other mods to do, but I am impressed with the sturdy, reliable Savage. And thank you VERY MUCH for the Ken Farrell web address. I was searching for a steel long range scope base for the Savage that I could afford, and there it is!

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