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    Sep 10, 2001
    Issue #48, Varmint Hunter Magazine posts pictures of members with guns and quarry in the back, often associated with joining the ranks of the 500, 1000, or whatever club(measured in yards) they have joined. This issue was interesting to me for the shear volume of members that achieved success way out there.

    Jim Weese, 2,230 yard prairie dog .300 WSM
    Chris Jamison(howdy!) 1,044 yds P. Dog
    Steve Epstein 1,224 yd P.Dog 6.5/.284
    Dan Clayton 1,063 yd. Ground Squirrel(good eyes!)
    Rex Rackowitz 1,054 yd Ground Squirrel(ditto)
    MIke Brust 1,014 yd. P. Dog
    James A Smith 1,042 yd P. Dog
    Ken Heupel 1,548/2,222/2784 yds P.Dogs .300 Win Mag.(Wild looking gun, Looooong barrel)
    Max Reppel 500 yds, Antelope .45-110 C. Sharps(iron sights)
    Rick Ewing 1,248 yds P. Dog
    William Edgar 1,015 P.Dog .22-6mm AI

    Fine shooting and congrats to all!