Bear movie with the two moose ...


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Feb 26, 2003
This may be a bit out of place, but those two moose (remind me of Bob and Doug Mckenzie) really cracked me up.


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Jun 18, 2001
N. Dakota
Thats where I was yesterday with the kids and thought the same. I watched the credits and Rick Moranis was one of the mooses voice. Rick started on SCTV and Bob and Doug were on SCTV also or were the Mckenzies a skit from SCTV, aye???? Wished I could've been with Crow Mag and MI boys's too, but family first and nothing warms the soul like your kids smile....



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Aug 12, 2003
It was a good movie but I couldn't keep from thinking that it was made by tree huggers. My buddy and I got in trouble because we had the kids asking their moms if they could go bear hunting when they get big.
I just wonder how many little kids are going to grow up thinking that Kodiak bears are cute and fuzzy balls of love.

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