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Feb 6, 2014
Southeastern Wyoming.
I have a Stiller Predator LA RH barreled action for sale. All smithwork was done by Jon Beanland. This rifle is set up to shoot longer (approx. 3.8+ OAL) length rounds out of a Wyatt's or extended box mag. Has a documented 374 rounds down the tube (brass on 2nd firing, see ammo pics.)

This was on a hunting rifle platform only, but was used in the field for 3 years. It did see a bit of hard use in the field or being handled in and out of a vehicle most likely (see pics 3,4,5.) Has some custom initials on the barrel near the action "WMW" as well (see pic 7.)

Stiller LA RH Predator Action
Stiller 20 MOA rail
Defiance Bolt knob
CSR muzzle break
Kreiger 5R 27" light palma
Spiral 1/2 twist done by Kampfeld
FDE Cerakote
174 pieces of twice fired Nosler brass
26 rounds of once fired Nosler brass loaded with 210 Berger VLDs, Fed 215gm primers and Retumbo. (Load data comes with ammo.)

$1600 for it all shipped to your FFL

IMG_5683.jpg IMG_5684.jpg IMG_5685.jpg IMG_5689.jpg IMG_5690.jpg IMG_5691.jpg IMG_5692.jpgIMG_5693.jpg IMG_5694.jpg
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