300 rum

  1. A

    For Sale Remington 700 300 RUM

    Up for sale is my Remington 700. 300 Remington Ultra Mag. It started its life as a 700 “Long Range.” My gunsmith buddy that is no longer around installed the Boyd’s thumbhole stock. I can’t vouch for anything else being done to this rifle. I bought it brand new and gave him some H1000 along with...
  2. J

    Custom 300 RUM

    I’m looking to build a custom 300 RUM based off a Remington 700 action, I kinda have an idea of what I want to do but I wanna hear other people’s ideas, what stock, barrel, trigger etc would you use. Also I wanna keep this gun fairly light, I just wanna hear some different ideas!
  3. BlazerBeam

    SOLD/EXPIRED 300 RUM 180 Barnes TTSX

    50 factory loaded rounds of Barnes 180 grain TTSX (tipped triple shock). All same lot. Will ship in plastic 50 round hard case. $165 shipped
  4. C

    300 RUM ammunition - 2 types

    For sale is the following ammunition leftovers from an estate sale: 4 boxes Barnes VorTx 165 gr TTSX @ $60/box (Midway has them at $81/box and sold-out) 1 box Remington Accutip 150 gr @ $45 (Midway discontinued) Prices do not include shipping costs. All the ammunition is stored at the house of...
  5. J

    Remington 700 LR 300 RUM

    Ring those gongs with this Remington 700 Long Range outfit! Rifle is a factory Remington 700 300 Remington Ultra Mag with a 26” barrel and a very effective tank-style muzzlebrake. Upgraded Timney trigger and 20 MOA Picatinny Style rail. This complete outfit comes with 49 new Norma 300 RUM brass...
  6. Y

    SOLD/EXPIRED Custom Rem 700 300 RUM

    I put this together in a chance to get drawn for Elk tags, unfortunantly life happens (no tags) and I gotta get rid of her. Shoots sub MOA at 100 yards with Hornady Precision Hunter Ammo. Stainless steel Remington 700 long action, timney trigger, wyatts bottom metal and 1 AICS mag, talley 30mm...
  7. E

    300 RUM reamer

    hello, I am building a 300 RUM and plan to shoot the Berger 230’s. I would like to seat them out as far as possible. Does anyone have a extra reamer laying around that they would be willing to rent/sell? Thanks!
  8. BoatTail

    300 PRC Sherman improved or 300 Remington Ultra Mag

    I would like some thoughts of The Forum on this. I'm getting ready to do a new 30 caliber Magnum rifle build. I was looking at a 30 Nosler , 30- 28 Nosler Wildcat , the 300 PRC and the 300 PRC Sherman improved . Because I thought none of them could reach the 3150 feet per second I was...
  9. C

    300 RUM Ammo

    38 rounds of 300 Remington Ultra Magnum Factory Ammo 200 grain nosler partition 75.00 shipped 484-614-1087 Mark
  10. Y

    or Trade 300 Win Mag AICS Magazines

    *SOLD* For sale is 3 300 win mag AICS Accurate mag magazines. They are used but fully functional and not too much rubbing. One is more used than the others. They are 3.775. Please see the pics. I would take $60 a piece tyd or $170 for all 3 tyd. Would trade for accurate mag 300 rum 3.715"...
  11. A

    FS or Trade - Semi Custom 300 RUM

    Haven't even completely finished this build and have decided to go in another direction. Has around 40-50 rounds down the tube...So far go to load is 200 grain accubonds with a heavy dose of h1000 for 3/4 minute accuracy at 100 yards. Rifle started as a 700 AWR 5R Factory Rifle. - $900 Has...
  12. A

    300 RUM project coming along nicely

    This past summer and Fall the LR 6.5 CTR/NF combo followed me around everywhere with awesome success. However, I have a 300 rum "project" that was my "backup rifle" that followed me along as well. Now that my big game hunting is over for the year I have been putting effort into getting the RUM...
  13. A

    WTT - Semi Custom 300 rum for similar value 270, 280, 280ai

    Putting out feelers for a trade. Looking to trade a Semi Custom 300 RUM for a Similar value 270 win/280/280AI class rifle. This one is a Rem 700 AWR which in stock form has 18 rounds down the tube. It was then sent to the gunsmiths and he added a muzzle break (gentry - matches barrel diameter)...
  14. 300whisper

    300RUM Reloading Advice

    Hey guys posting this for a new member. I don’t know anything about the 300RUM so I don’t want to give him bad advice. On behalf of @Emm 300 RUM “Hi guys I'm new to the site I'm shooting a Sendero SF II in 300 rum , I have 190 grn LR AccuBond projectiles and looking for some help with load...
  15. W

    700 extended magazines for RUM

    I am trying to find what options are out there for extended magazines. My current load is 3.850 oal. I saw the Wyatts bdl extended well but was hoping to find some detachable magazines that may work or come close Thanks
  16. ovastafford

    SOLD/EXPIRED Updated/Reduced Custom Hart Build Rem 700 300 RUM

    SOLD. Custom Remington 700 300 Rem Ultra Mag put together by Hart Barrels. Rem 700 Action Jewell Trigger HS Precision Camo Adjustable Stock Wyatts Detachable Magazine Bottom Metal 2-5 round mags and one 8 round. Hart 27" 1-10 Twist MedHvy Barrel Badger Ordnance Muzzle Brake Badger Ordnance 20...
  17. C

    SOLD/EXPIRED Beanland 300RUM Stiller bbl/action + brass/ammo

    I have a Stiller Predator LA RH barreled action for sale. All smithwork was done by Jon Beanland. This rifle is set up to shoot longer (approx. 3.8+ OAL) length rounds out of a Wyatt's or extended box mag. Has a documented 374 rounds down the tube (brass on 2nd firing, see ammo pics.) This was...
  18. R

    300 RUM Brass for sale

    I have 136 pcs of 300 Rem Ultra Mag brass for sale. Included is 112 pcs of R-P brass and 24 pcs of Nosler brass. I acquired the brass as part of a trade, so I can't honestly say how many times they been reloaded. It all looks to be in good shape though. Asking $75 + shipping.
  19. T

    Sendero 300 RUM; Shoot it, re-barrel it, or build new?

    I'm trying to decide which direction to go and I don't know if I'll ever actually make it out West again or not, but I'm getting a serious itch to get ready for an elk hunt. I have a Remington Sendero 300 RUM original version. It's 26", 10 twist and throated who knows where thats never been...
  20. G

    SOLD/EXPIRED Perfect 300 RUM

    Really nice Remington 300 RUM Long range. Jewel Trigger, Nightforce rails, Bull Mountain muzzle brake. Great gun with minimal use. Shoots a legitimate half minute with 230 grn Bergers. $800 firm. 4065801418