barreled action for sale

  1. In_Him

    280AI Barreled Action

    Hello Everyone, Further downsizing as I gravitate towards a switch barrel off one single action. This one is a 280 Ackley Improved built on a Tikka Stainless action and a CarbonSix barrel with a variety of Mountain Tactical goodies. I have about 30 rounds through it. I hate to get rid of it...
  2. Nick@Straight-Jacket

    Barreled actions

    Happy Easter! Last weekend to get $50 off and free shipping on barreled actions. Also, save 10% off any modeled rifles built by us! And save 50$ on Prefit barrels...
  3. Nick@Straight-Jacket

    IMPACT 737 Barreled Actions

    only 2 available. (We ended up with 2 more on the books we would like gone before the end of the year) Right hand Only, combinations available listed in link below. Only 1899.00!
  4. C

    Beanland 6 Creedmoor BBL Action

    I have a Jon Beanland Built 6mm Creedmoor barreled Action for sale. Defiance Deviant Tactical RH SA, with one piece rail and integral lug. Bolt knob has been changed to Badger FDE Oversized. Barrel is a Krieger MTU @ 26" threaded with a knurled cap. Twist is 1:8 973 Documented rounds down the...
  5. D

    .260 rem barreled action

    Rem 700 VTR action Shilen Sendero Profile 24" Threaded 5/8"-24 600 rounds fired Shoots 147eld over H4350 very well. 1/2moa consistently. Pic shown is 10 rounds. Load data will be provided. Barreled Action ONLY. Chassis, Scope, mount, break, trigger, etc. not included. $800 + shipping.
  6. C

    SOLD/EXPIRED Beanland 300RUM Stiller bbl/action + brass/ammo

    I have a Stiller Predator LA RH barreled action for sale. All smithwork was done by Jon Beanland. This rifle is set up to shoot longer (approx. 3.8+ OAL) length rounds out of a Wyatt's or extended box mag. Has a documented 374 rounds down the tube (brass on 2nd firing, see ammo pics.) This was...
  7. C

    SOLD/EXPIRED Beanland 6.5 Creedmoor REM 700 BBL/Action

    I have a trued Remington 700 RH SA that all the smithwork was done by Jon Beanland for sale. The specs are listed below, but the rifle only shot Factory ammo (hornady or prime) and has a tracked 423 rds down the tube. Never been a match gun or anything other than hunting or range use. It was...