Barrel Taper and Muzzle Dia. ?



After hunting season I am going to rebarrel my Rem. 700 with a 30 inch Hart tube in either .338 RUM or the .338 Edge.
What taper and muzzle dia. are most of you guys using for your LRH rifle.
I am going to put a muscle break on it.
With a 30" tube you are going to need some beef. I wouldn't go less than a 7 contour. You might consider a straight taper in say a NBRSA Hunter. It would be a little heavier overall than the 7 contour, but not at the muzzle.........Rich
I have a 30" Pac-Nor S/S Super Match coming at the end of the month....1.2" at the breech end...1.2" at the muzzle!! long straight tube...just like my truck axle!!
You will want it fluted to save on the weight, If it were me I would go with something that you can actually carry up a mountain if need be . Maybe some of the edge owners will chime in . Call Hart and ask them what is the most popular style of barrel for the .338 EDGE they usually keep some of that info on file:)

I'm going with a fluted, 30" finished, medium Palma profile from Rock Creek for a 338 AX. I was told not to go any lighter than this for this lenth tube, but weight is a big issue for the type of hunting I do, so there was perhaps a bit of a compromise in this barrel. We'll see how much in a few months...:D
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