Barrel life question.....


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Mar 30, 2010
Idaho Falls
Ive been readin more and more about the barrel life on 300 ultra....... Most here it seems are launchin the 210 bergers 3100-3200. I assume because of longer barrels......Im pushing the 210 to 3044 avg out of my 26 inch sendero. Can I expect longer barrel life due to lower velocity or is it just cause my barrel is shorter I am not obtaining the "norm around here" velocitys but, putting my barrel to the same stress.

Clear as mud:D I Am terrible at trying to articulate my thought process. Thanks in advance.... Powder charge is 91.5 retumbo
No, your barrel life would not be any longer

I agree with Mike on this. Look for the throat to start moving out from 300 to 500 rounds and the accuracy to open up by 700. At least that was my experience and I don't abuse barrels. The best defense is to shoot one or two and let it cool.

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