Barrel Contour


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Nov 11, 2008
How does the Hart #4 barrel contour compare to the Remington Varmint contour or the Sendero coutour? I need a barrel contour to use for a 300 WM that will be used in the field. I don't want a sporter and I don't want a target barrel. I need something in between. I would prefer a Krieger, if I just knew what the heck to tell them the needed contour was and since they do the 5R rifling now. I want it to be at least 26", but can't seem to find if a longer barrel would be more beneficial for reaching game out to 800 yds. this will end up with a brake on it.
I think a 4 contour would be lighter than a sendero. It's probably closer to a 6. Lilja and probably other barrelmakers usually duplicate some factory barrels....
One barrel maker you didn't mention but is worth taking a look at is Broughton. At least to compare their contours. I bought one of their barrels in a 4.1 contour for a 300 WM carry gun. When I explained to Tim North what I was looking for, he pointed me in this direction. It is heavier than a sporter weight but not too heavy for packing around all day.
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