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Discussion in 'Reloading' started by Guest, Feb 7, 2005.

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    I did some more load developement with my 308 and
    22-250Ai and have found the TSX to be a pretty accurate bullet , in the 22 it has printed some 3/8" groups and this gun is a consistant 1/4" with match bullets and a 1/2" with typical varmint slugs.
    The best accuracy load cam in at 3977fps average , gonna be testing it on some Critters tomorrow

    As for the 308 best accuracy was obtained at 3093fps with a 51gr load of Varget and a 130gr TSX, gonna try this on some big pigs as soon a s the show them selves , I did however drill the hollow point a little deeper so maybe it'll open a little more.
    Accuracy with both of these bullet is relay better than I expected from a hunting bullet ,all bullet were moly coated
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    Apr 17, 2003
    Thanks for the info. Did you moly coat the TSX's? And if so, why?...sakofan.TIA
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    Sakofan , I moly coat alot of the rounds I shoot , I have found that generaly it will lower the pressure a bit and allow me to get a couple extra grains of powder in the case to get the velocity back to where it was at , in effect filling the case a little more which I have found helps with accuracy a bit
    And I generaly don't have to clean as much or for as long especialy when using cheaper barrels.
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    well After shooting a few critters with the little 22 cal TSX bullet I'd say it would be a good choice for somebody having to use a 22 for deer and hogs , the bullet expanded well leaving a quarter sized exit hole and pretty much jellying up the lungs and heart , I suspect that this is from the high velocity.
    I did shoot a crow ,armadillo and cat all the animals died on the spot , all had a exit about the size of a quarter and all were jelly , this is about the same reaction I get with a 60gr Partition , maybe a little less dramatic. Now where clos to the result from a 50gr V-amx or Match King but that is not what this bullt was built for.
    Accuracy was far better than I had expected with the load in this gun shooting down close to the 1/4" mark , consistanly in the 3/8" range.
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    Sep 4, 2001
    Are you showing any signs of pressure at all in the .308 with that load?? How many inch barrel?? I've got a box of the 130tsx sitting here and haven't yet assembled any .308 so I find your info good!! Wow I studied the bullet a little....there is so very little "bearing area" to it. There is just a tiny bit of contact between the boattail and the first groove. And just a tiny bit of contact above the 2nd groove because it slopes to the olgive right away. I'd say the total brg area is about 2x's the thickness of the middle rib. I can't think that moly would really have much effect with so little area actually touching the barrel on the "ride through"!!!! It's pretty ingenious---very little material touching the barrel but probably just enough over a wide enough distance to make it stabilize!!
    I'm kinda thinking 4000 fps will be possible in my 30-378. If the computer forcast is right a 350 yd zero would get 3.6" high on it's way to 350yds, down only 5" at 425 yds, and down 12" at 500 yds. WOW--takes alot of guesswork out of "ranging".