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SOLD/EXPIRED Badger Ordnance Picatinny Rail .... SOLD


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Jan 26, 2011
Part number 306-06, 20° rail for short action model 700. This has been mounted but is in like new condition. $110 shipped Priority Mail.

I also have a set of Warne part number 202M 1" fixed rings for $35 shipped priority mail. If you buy these rings, you are going to receive another set of 1" .375" high rings with them. I don't know what brand the .375" high rings are but they are nice rings. The reason I'm giving the second set away is because I only have one set of cross keys. I don't want to sell the rings before I sell the rail.

If someone wants all of these items I can ship them all together for $135. I can take Pay Pal.
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Re: Badger Ordnance Picatinny Rail

Is this stuff priced too high or is there just not any interest in these items. If the prices are too high make me an offer. You won't hurt my feelings.
Re: Badger Ordnance Picatinny Rail

Seems like a decent price to me. If I had a use I would buy the rail. Maybe lower the price a little I'm sure they will sell.
Re: Badger Ordnance Picatinny Rail

I'll take $100 shipped for all three Items.