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    Jun 8, 2007
    Here is my story

    John Vandyke built a rifle 3 yras ago a 338 lapua mag it is a tack driver took an elk in Craig, Co. at 451 yrds milk jugs at 1000 yrds

    contacted him for a second build in Feb of this year 338 lapua mag on a ar type platform using a SND 2000
    I was told by Vandyke that the best on the market was RND 2000 out of Co.
    was told it was ordered sent him deposit $xxx.xx was told it was being built it would take 5 to 6 months
    talked to Vandyky in mid May said the rifle would be completed by the end of June ask him to call the builder and ask for info on suggested case length and suggested loads for 250 & 300 gr bullets
    I thought everything was going well
    3 weeks went by with no return call on the info I ask for
    started calling the shop number over and over no answer no voice mail
    tried e-mail no answer
    this past week I called the mfg of the SND 200 in Co. lloyd he told me that Vandyke had made no such order I, am screwed
    searched internet found his mothers phone number called she told me that he was at the shop i called and called no answer again
    Tuesday this week called local Police station in his town were he lives desk sargeant told me that he still had a building but didnt know if he was still building any guns he also told me that I wasnt the only one with this same problem
    the sargeant also told me that he had screwed over his employees the sargeant told me my best option was to get a lawyer

    in short I wanted to spread the word that this gunsmith was taking money and building nothing

    i have retaind a lawyer I will send a letter to the ATF of Kanas, the local sheriffs dept of Crook county and the Attorney General of Kanas seeking possible prosecution I highly doubt that I will get my deposit back