Back-Up Plan! Savage .300 WSM vs. A-bolt Stainless .300 WM?

Aug 18, 2003

Hi all!

I'd like to thank everyone who's e-mailed/PM'ed me over the past couple of months.

1. I've placed an order for a Savage model 16 Left-hand, Stainless Steel, Synthetic in .300 WSM.

Unfortunately, the rifle has not come into Canada yet, and the rifle is still backordered- it may come in 2-3 weeks. (I have two hunts booked for late October/November).

2. I've just found a gunsmith who has a new in box Browning A-Bolt II, Stainless Stalker in .300 Win. Mag. --He's had it for 4 years and is willing to sell it to me for $250 less than any other gun store in Canada- about $300 Canadian more than the Savage would cost.

Differences between Savage and Browning ($300 more) is as follows:
1..300WSM vs. .300WM
2. 6 3/4 pounds vs. 7 pounds 3 ounces
3. 43 3/4 inches vs. 46 3/4 inches
4. Slightly better stock and trigger on Browning than Savage
5. Savage supposed to be slightly more accurate than the Browning

I was looking for a cheaper short-term alternative to a custom mountain rifle. I want something reasonable light, yet accurate. I will be hunting a range of animals from sheep to deer to elk to black bear.


Should I strongly consider this Browning A-bolt as a back-up, in case the Savage doesn't come through? Or is the Browning a much better buy considering both rifles and prices?

Keeping in mind that for $300 canadian difference, I can add a better trigger to the Savage, install a better recoil pad and rebed/stregthen the stock.
I own both a SS Abolt II in 300WM and a Savage .3006. The Browning is definitely the better gun. I use the Savage as a backup to the Browning. True you can get more aftermarket accessories for the Savage, but the quality of workmanship in the Browning is hard to beat.

I finally found some tactical bases that fit the Browning, I believe it has the same pattern as Steyr, anyway IOR carries tactical rings/bases for them (among others).

I love my 300WSM Savage. It is very accurate in the factory configuration. The new Accu-Trigger is fantastic. I have 3 300 Win Mags. The 300WSM cases last about 5 times as long. Speed is about 50 fps less for the 300WSM. The barrel is so easy to replace on the Savage and inexpensive. My only complaint is the cheap stock. My advice, wait for the Savage.
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