Back from Africa


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Mar 30, 2008
Washington, TX
Guys Im back from Africa and am waiting for my pics to be sent to me from my dad. Hands down the best trip I have ever been on. I have been to Alaska, Asia, and south America and Africa was definitely the best. I will have a very detailed story of the trip with pics. Also I will do a ammo comparison on what everyone in the camp was shooting and how each round did. Looking forward to writing the story soon!!

Couldn't ya' just wait until you had the pics and the write-up done? now you've got me all hopped up to read/see your Africa trip!

Glad you had a great trip.

Of course I have to tease yall a little before I give the full story!! What would the fun be if I didn't? I'm still waiting for my dad to mail me the DVD with all the pics and video. I have already started typing the story and I will just insert pics when I get them.

Can't wait to hear about it. Africa is a place I have wanted to hunt for years. Hope to go one of these days.
Come on guys, give the guy a break and a little time to get the pictures and story synced!

I am sure it will all come together soon......


We are waiting...
How about now?

We can't wait forever you about now :)
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