B&L 4000 and 4200?

The 3000 and 4000 series scopes were made by B&L , when Bushnell bought B&L they changed the names to 3200 and 4200.

I have 2 B&L elite 3000- 5-15x50 and 2 Bushnell elite 3200- 5-15x50 and I can't tell them apart as far as clairity and brightness.
Their fantastic scopes for the money.
I believe that the most significant difference is the newer Raincoat lens coatings on the 4200, pretty much make them fog free. Now the 3200's also have that coating, it works well and is worth having on a hunting scope.
Great scopes, just too bad that the bigger ones don't have enough elevation to really get out to longer ranges.
More technically that coating is probably called Rainguard or something similar, it is a super smooth coating that makes moisture bead-up so fine that we can see through the droplets.
Ian has it right. The 4000 was B&L top o d line scope. Then When they changed the name over to Bushnell they added the rainguard coating and changed it to 3200 and 4200 respectivley. I have both and think they are one of the best scopes for the money, I will buy them before i ever will a leupold. I do wish in their higher power scopes they would offer a 1/4" click option instead of 1/8" clicks but makes for a excellent precision scope for out to about 500 yards with a flat shooter.
Thanks for all the responses.

Unfortunately the guy already sold the 4000
6x24 and now I am searching the world over for a good used 4000/4200 6x24, matte, again...

If anyone has a one, please let me know.

thanks Kevin
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