b&l 4200 scopes owners help!!

speed demon

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Oct 4, 2001
i acouple of weeks back i bought a b&l 4200
elite 6x-24x scope for my varmint rifle..
i didnt get any instructions with the scope.. i need to know how to rezero the
target turrets to zero after you set the scope..so one can make adjustmesnts starting from zero.. and also how is the
elevation and windage clicks set up on this
scope?? the elevation goes to 22 and it seems there is only 2 clicks between numbers... ***? same for windage?? my night
force is 8 clicks between numbers as it is
the 1/8moa benchrest model.. this b&l scope
seems not to be calbrated like that..any
help would be greatful... i think the B&L
is 1/4 moa a click..but whats with the numbers being 2 clicks apart??
I have the Bushnell 4200 Elite 6-24 scope and would assume that it is similar to the earlier B&L model.

You simply remove the outer caps and twist the knurled cap on top of each turret. Turn it until it comes off - it is a screw. Then lift the outer shell (with the markings) of the turret straight up and it will also remove. Aligne the outer shell O index with the non-moveable index on the turret and push the shell straight down, there are splines that will line up.

The scope adjustment is 1/8moa adjustment per click, there are only 6moa to a revolution. Not sure what you mean by 'the elevation goes to 22', might be the total adjustment range, Bushnell claims 26 moa. Depends on the rifle and the range whether you will have enough elevation adjustment.
I have a B/L 4200, AND IT HAS 1/8 MOA adjustment. I know idea what they were trying to accomplish with the way they have it calibrated and set up. To rezero, loosen the the small knurled knob (on top of the adjustment) while holding the large knurled knob(the part you would turn to adjust elevation or windage) Good luck because mine was so tight I almost couldn't get it loose
what i meant by the elevation goes to 22
i meant there was 22 numbers on the target
knob..what does the numbers mean??? they
sure dont mean MOA as if they did there is
only 2clicks between numbers..that would
make it 1/2 moa per click..and thats not
right..the numbers on the target turret must
not mean anything as they dont fit..
i seen why another guy had posted he wanted
to replace his knobs for some thats like
leupold or nightforce.. if some one knows
where to get replacement knobs that are
calibrated like a real scope like nightforce
or leupold please let me know where to get
them.... i see now why i see so many for sale on the forums.. they are good scopes
from what i hear from other people but the
target knob setup is terrible.. and it is
nowhere near as good as my nightforce in
clarity but you cant expect to be for the
price it is..im not trying to start a flame
war but i am GREATLY disappionted in the
target knob calibration.. now i know if say
well 1/8inch click and 2 clicks between
numbers means each number is 1/4inch..
thats the part that doesnt make since why did they do that!! as if make a longer range
shot and need 5inches high at 100 i would
have to put it on the 20 number.. thats crazy when it could be set up a like nightforce or leupold where is would be 5
for 5 moa..now i know anyone could make the
simple calculations to make it work..but
its just etra work for nothing..
well im not shooting long range with this gun as i only need 10 inches of travel at the most... this scope is on a little gun...

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Hey Speed...

I love my 6x24 B&L... but the turrets are the craziest I have ever seen. The numbers you refer to are the "1/4" minute spaces, so you have 24 increments of 1/4 moa = 6 moa per turn.

The total is about 26 moa of elevation (which ain't much!!), so you might consider the Burris "Signature ZEE" mounts, with the little plastic shims, so you can have all the elevation available to you.


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i have contacted them and they wont make standard moa turrets for them.. they are not
friendly at all... i told them that on their
web-site they have my scope listed and they
told me that didnt matter..they have a nasty attitude..but thanks for the link anyway..
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