B&L elite 4200 target turrets


Dec 13, 2001
vancouver, b.c.
Hi Guys,I have a 6.5x to 24x elite 4200,I would like to replace the existing turrets (knobs) with a aftermarket replacement, like the leopold target turrets.Does anyone know where I can find turrets for this scope. Thanks for any info.
To my knowledge, there are no aftermarket screw on knobs for this scope. contact Bushnell to see if they can retrofit with something like the knobs from the new Elite 3200 10X tactical scope.

If interested in that scope, call Andy at Ammomart in Ont. 613-632-9300. Price is too good to believe. Have one on the way.

I have used the same scope for a couple of years and have had no problems with them. The graduations are different but they work very well. I just do up a drop table with the correct scope number (like a vernier scale). No different then using MOA numbers.

Good luck...

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