Average bull elk weights.


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May 9, 2012
Left coast, kalifornia
Bigngreen, what would you estimate the heaviest elk that you have butchered to weigh "walking" on the hoof before dead and gutted.


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Jul 29, 2007
Alpine, Calif.
I took an average 3.5 year old bull this week end and made a very clean kill with a neck shot so I took my time this morning cutting him so I could get a good set of numbers for some others info. He's a little above the average elk but below a big boy, there was less than a pound of meat loss so the numbers are quite good.

Live weight was 474.65 pounds.

Hanging weight, skinned and no head or legs was 337.65 pounds.

Total meat yield was 242.65 pounds.

Steak and roast meat was 77.15 pounds.

Trim for burger was 165.5 pounds.

Left front shoulder was 29.5 pounds and right was 26.1 pounds of trim meat.

Left hind quarter 30.3 pounds of steak and roast and 21.5 pounds of trim, the right quarter went 28 pounds of steak and 18.6 pounds of trim.

Flank and rib meat was 37 pounds of trim.

Backstraps went 15 pounds of steak and 15.85 pounds of trim.

Neck was 17 pounds of trim.

Tenderloins were 3.85 pounds of scrumptious goodness!

Bone was 95 pounds, hide, head and horns was 62 pounds. You can add about 75 pounds of rest of the legs and guts and gore.
Thank you for sharing it’s very helpful. As always your post are valuable and shared from field experience.

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