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SOLD/EXPIRED As New Stainless Rem 700 LA Mag Action

edward hogan

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May 7, 2003
Remington 700 stainless LA Mag As-New

Here is a Like New Stainless magnum action, fired about 38rds. Called Remington today and was told the serial number indicates the action was made in 1998. Remington really did a nice job on the early Sendero SF's. Custom barrels and hand-picked actions.

Sendero stock and barrel are gone. Complete Action remains.

A member here told me by email, "...cheapest I've found stainless is $600". He was referring to a complete action

Tonite 11/22, I had an inquiry and dug out my Starrett #445 depth micrometer. I measured the boltface and found it very uniform, ie level, in other words it is "true". Then I looked at the bolt lugs. The rear lug area which engages and bears recoil to the receiver shows about a perfect match in bearing area wear. The lugs bear evenly and don't need lapping or any alteration. The bolt travel in the ways is smooth and excellent. The receiver shoulder fits square against a Mitutoyo 2" gage block. Boltnose is also true to the receiver shoulder. I would not spend a dime to "true" this action.

Because the action is in As-New condition and in excellent readiness for precision work, I am raising the price to $625
Price includes shipping to your FFL.

If you are shopping for a nice Long-Range rig; (and who isn't?); I can offer these with the action:

_As New McMillan Edge (lightweight) hunting stock for 700LA with barrel channel enlarged to accept a light varmint fluted contour. Comes with blued Williams floorplate assy.

_As New Shilen Stainless match Lightweight Target contour, in .308 Lazzeroni Patriot. Barrel has 8 precision cut flutes and a matched Holland Quick Discharge Stainless muzzlebrake. Bought gently used, fired maybe 60rds, 26.5" oal w/brake installed.

Sendero action needs bolt face opened up and new extractor, barrel needs a thick recoil lug. Will make you a 7lb longrange hunting rifle without peer. All for $1450 shipped.

email me if you want pix, need info, or want to buy: [email protected]

If you agree to buy, please be aware funds are expected within 5 days, unless other arrangements were made prior. Gear will be sent to FFL holder same day funds arrive. I need only confirm FFL license is current and use ATF E-Z Check for this.

Your FFL transfer is not a part of this transaction. Money is due, on-time, whether your transfer is arranged or not. I have held gear for guys for over 2mos while GA Precision waited for their turn to do a build. I prefer to ship same day funds arrive, but if it takes you a while longer; that is the way it is.

Money back, less shipping, if not as described.


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Bump for new description and a few items added that could be used to build a great LR custom hunter.

It is a plain fact that the most recent Remington Receivers just aren't as nice as the older ones from late-90s and before. This trigger is set a 4lbs for hunting.

Sendero stock and SF barrel shipped out today. Sold.
PSS LA stock is SPF arrival.

Still have an H-S Tactical with adj LOP and Karsten saddle cheek riser. If you want a AMU contour or straight tube, this stock will handle the barrel. Looks good with a PSS barrel or #7 contour. Regular Varmint looks a bit small in there. About $600 for one of these new as outfitted. Will make you a deal with purchase of the receiver.


BTW: I have sold a few complete rifles and actions to members here. All have always remarked that the gear was in better condition than I described. I am confident you will be pleased with whatever you buy.
I am considering taking the action to our state's premier gunsmith, Stan Jackson, for inspection and to have the bolt face polished.

The action will be worth $800 then, I suppose; maybe more...

You don't need a polished boltface, not if it is already true, as this one is.

This 1998 production action is simply PERFECT. Save yourself some money, and save yourself lots of time. If you want Stainless Precision, and have barrel and stock ready to go, here is your ticket.

If your gunsmith/dealer says they won't accept shipments from individuals; Find Another FFL To Work With! Or, you must add in the $35-$75 cost we pay for FFL transfers in my area, plus about $20 more in shipping, and for roundtrip travel.

Probably worth the price to get a Perfect stainless action that needs no accurizing work; but I can't bear the cost just to unload this action.

Floorplate assy and trigger is GONE.

Price is now $525 for Receiver, complete bolt, mag box, mag spring, and milled/machined follower.

You probably want that Arnold Jewell HVR trigger and Williams Floorplate anyway, right?

The money you won't be paying for "action truing" will buy you these parts.
You could be shooting next week if you Act Now!

Great/Superb Action at a great price!
3 day inspection for full refund, less shipping.

Email me at [email protected] for the pix everyone says, "It looks great!" about...