AR10 AR15 Accuracy Report


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Aug 28, 2012
Just wanted to update on our AR10 and AR15 builds. Here are some groups out of our 18" and 24" .308 barrels and a pic of a new .223 build for a customer with the first 3 shot group shot out of his gun. The 18" carbine is for sale with the Devil Dog billet set I won at the Sniper Match. Also has a Hawk Hill match grade barrel, Hawk Hill muzzle brake, Lancer carbon fiber forearm, Timney trigger, Magpul buttstock. $2799 We are also starting to offer AR10 barrels by themselves for you all to build off of and complete uppers. Contact us if interested or for any other builds you would be interested in.
You can see another group from the 24" barrel under the calipers. These things really shoot! Will add .223 pics to another thread, won't let us attach to this one.
All groups shot with Fed 175gms at 100 yds.


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