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Jun 12, 2004
Fort Shaw, Montana
Well, some of you may have seen the posts i made recently about my 300 Raptor in one of my Raptor LRSS rifles and one of my 338 Allen Mag chambered XHS UL rifles. It never fails that after i post about rifles like this, i get the slew of emails and PMs stating they “Love my rifles but they just dont have a use for a rifle this big and heavy but they like them anyway!!😁

we, i tell them all that i dont post pics of every rifle i ship, only the ones that i feel offer something new or unique or of interest to readers or new products i am offering to the public.

so, with that in mind, this post is for those great guys and everyone else.

This is one of my Stalker Hunter rifles.

i designed my Stalker receivers and my Stalker line of rifles specifically for those that wanted a very portable big game hunting rifle yet still get the power and accuracy of my APS wildcat chamberings as well as a host of commercially offered options.

this particular Stalker Hunter is chambered in the King of Jack of all Trades, my 300 Allen Xpress. A load of power, a load of bullet options, very low recoil with my Painkiller muzzle brakes, able to fit into very portable rifles and legit 1k yard reach easily.

this specific Stalker Hunter uses the following components:
APS Stalker Hunter receiver
Bartlein Stainless #3, fluted, 9 twist, 5r, 27” length barrel
APS small Painkiller Muzzle brake
Mcmillan Rem Hunter sporter stock with Enhanced Edge carbon tech
jewell trigger set at 1.5 lbs
Sunny Hill custom rigbly class BDL style hinged floorplate
pillar bedding
matte finish on metal surfaces

bare rifle weight is 7.9 lbs. with full dimension stock, full length barrel, no skimping. Any healthy, adult hunter could easily pack this class rifle all day in all but the most severe terrain.


customer wanted me to choose a bullet in the 180-220 gr rangr from either berger or nosler. I decided to go with the berger 215 gr. Hybrid as i have had great results with that in my 300 Allen Xpress in past rifles.

using RL33 this little rifle did 3240 fps with a charge of 107.0 gr. It broke 3300 fps at 109.0 gr but there was a hint of a shiny ejector ring. Primer pockets were unchanged at that level and totally safe load, however, as i generally do, i opt for the milder loads to offer extended case life. Would much rather give up 60 fps and get a dozen firings per case then get the 70 more fps and only get 6-7 firings per case.


was able to take this rifle out this morning. Set up at 900 yards as all my Stalker rifles get tested at a minimum of 1/2 mile for grouping. Bore sighted the rifle and took a few shots to get point of impact to match up with point of aim. Then shot a couple three shot groups for evaluating the rifles potential. Lets just say, consistently hitting a 1/2 moa sized target at 1/2 mile is easy with this rig.

so for all of you out there that only think i build huge rifles that are never carried more then 10 yards from a vehicle, this ones for you. And its not even my UL Stalker model!! 😉

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