Applied Ballistics Inputs/Compromised BC-twist rate concern


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Jan 6, 2012
This one's directed specifically toward Bryan and Doc..

I've got a 300wm and a load for it shooting 215 Hyrbids @ 2900fps in an 11-twist barrel and am at 2000ft elev...

The Berger twist calculator shows marginal stability/compromised BC in these conditions, through my particular barrel..I will mention I use an Applied Ballistics KESTREL to calculate drops and solutions** So.....

Question for you guys is, what BC does a guy go with for the most accurate "outputs" in this-case? I have intentions and location to shoot 1300+ yards and I know (already) this compromised BC thing is going to throw a screw into calculating a proper solution out-there.

I'm wondering, does the Applied ballistic program in these Kestrel's have anyplace (that I haven't found) to input multiple BC's in cases like this for say: different elevations where a rifle/twist would go from being marginally stable at 2000ft, and use (for example, .332BC in THAT condition as the calculator may suggests it would be in an 11-twist barrel) then input different (possibly the TRUE BC) for another elevation under proper-conditions (say 7000ft) where the bullet be stabilized properly (there) in this 11-twist barrel? Is the program able to do something like that and adjust itself and it's firing solution afterward for changing environments and conditions everywhere in-between the 2000 & 7000ft inputs? Seems the Kestrel works that-way with your "two-temperature" (muzzle velocity) portion of the Program. Wonder if it could be done with this stability/barrel twist/compromised & optmized BC thing too??

Or does it, and I not realized how to correctly "input" the information to see that?
Currently the program doesn't adjust BC based on stability but we're planning to do it in the future. In the mean time you would do it manually. Ideally you would have a faster twist.
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