Applied Ballistics Important Update Information!


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Nov 12, 2014
We have been working on getting some things fixed, and we are now ready to release an update. This thread is ONLY to cover some changes to the Custom Drag Curve Library, changes to the app will be addressed in the Pro Thread, and that apps individual thread. This is not a complete list of everything that was fixed, however:

Custom Drag Curves can now be purchased again.

If you have purchased drag curves in the past, and had issues re-downloading them. Doesn't matter if it was after a re-install of the entire program or just after a web-sync. You can now refresh your purchases with the touch of a button:

From the Firearms Library Screen press the Menu button then simply press "Restore Purchases" This will not effect your weapons library or current preferences:

If you own a Galaxy S5, to access the Menu Button on your phone, you need to press and hold the Recent Apps Button (Lower Left) For more than 1 second. Your phones menu button is hidden behind the recent apps button.

This update has been passed on to Android, and it will be available on your phones once Android has pushed it through to your region. Also, no word has been received from Apple on the Approval Status of Custom Drag Curves for iOS. So please be patient and allow up to 1 week for android to start populating this. Thank you for your patience while the entire system was overhauled. The new system allows the Custom Drag Curves to be restored without having to erase and reinstall a clean version, and without interfering with your current library. We know it took longer than expected, but this also included some other fixes to the program and we appreciate your patience. As always we wanted to get this done right, instead of fast and sloppy.

1. Custom Drag Curve Purchase System Overhauled.

2. Zero Height Sync Error Fixed.

3. Web Sync failing for some users fixed.

4. Ballistic Calibration Text Font Color Issue Fixed.

5. Graphical Interface Updated.

6. Updated to work with newer android operation systems (5.1+)

This is just a short list of some of the errors fixed.

For the new look, and new users guide please visit here

In the upcoming weeks you will find the Custom Drag Curve library slowly being expanded, new bullets being available for purchase. This will be a slow process as its a long list of bullets, so patience is appreciated!