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Aug 27, 2005
i was at a gun show in Springfield,Mo 3-4 weeks ago and bought a mk4 3.5-10 leupold i did not look it over real well i have another one and it looked the same as the other one and was stamped mk 4 leupold so i bought it for a new project i was getting ready for

I had forgot about it kind of and laid it on a shelf in my basement when a friend of mine came over and picked it up when he looked at it he said that he had never seen numbers on a leupold like this before (8888d) if i remember right well then i got to looking at it and it did not seem like the clicks felt te same as my other mark 4s well when i got to checking around i found out that some foriegn country is making a Clone of the mark4 only in 3.5-10 the best i can tell you can buy them around 100$ on ebay

So if you are going to buy a 3.5-10 leupold with ill rect. make sure you have a real one and not a clone make sure you check the numbers on the side before you buy it or you will end up with 700$ in a 100$ scope like me
Thanks for that info, I am sorry about that. The things people will do to make a quick buck. Can't you take the scope back or find the guy and sue him for a real M4 Leupold. There has got to be a way to give that scope back and get the right one. Once again, I am sorry!

If he sold it to you as a Leupold then he by law has to give you a Leupold or thats false advertisement and since he ripped you off for more than $500 that makes it a felony go to the local Sheriffs office or Police department and file a complaint(where ever the gun show was) then if the guy doesn't have a store or buisness front , the very next gun show if hes their take an officer in their with you and collect your 1)return the scope and collect your money
2) collect your real Leupold MK4
3) have him arrested on the charges you pressed
if the local law enforcement where the transaction took place doesn't realy seem like they are gonna presue the matter then go talk to the District Attorney's office.

he took you for $600 and thats a felony and somthing should be done about it,He should loose his right to do buisness at least.
BUT you have to make efforts to keep the ball roling
This stuff is just the tip of the "Chinese Iceberg". I'm also an avid golfer and got what I thought was a heck of a deal on E-bay on one of the top of the line drivers in golf.....a taylormade R-7. I've bought and sold alot of stuff on E-bay with great luck. What happens is that guys (chinese) are stealing the Id's of good sellers with good feedback. They set up a quick auction with "buy it now" pricing. I bought a club from a guy that was supposed to live in Maryland. My paypal receipt came back from a guy by the name of Wing Wang. Much to my surprise Mr Wang did send me a club direct from Shanghai. (I never thought I would get a club of any sort). It was a Chinese knock off.
ANYHOW much to my surprise once I know what to look for I can tell you that there are always auctions on E-bay for knock off clubs. It takes E-bay about 3-4 hours to find them and take them off. Moral of story.....the Chinese are cloning everything we make that has a good reputation and is ez to sell. Now we can add rifle scopes to the situation. It's most likely the tip of the iceberg and get ready for many more products to be cloned in the future.
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