Aoudad Caliber Recommendations


Dec 25, 2021
For the first time I was lucky to draw a NM Audad (Barbary) tag for 2025. I'm asking you experienced sheep hunters which caliber would be your choice. I have a 7mm-08 that shoots a 1/2 MOA with 140gr Nosler bullets. I also have a 300 WM that shoots pretty good with factory Noslers, but I will be working up a load for that gun. I have harvested several animals with both guns, but have never hunted sheep.

What is your perspective is the 7mm-08 enough gun for those longer range shots?

Thanks for all of your suggestions!
Use whatever rifle you have the most confidence in. All things being equal, getting close to a herd of rams can be a daunting & unforgiving experience in the terrain of New Mexico. Everything down there will; poke, ***** or sting you. Practice shooting out to 500-600 yards with hopes of getting inside of these distances. The 7-08 might be a little lite for the task at extended range. 300 WM is your do it all option, get a load worked up & put in the necessary range time. If your not already in good physical shape, make this a top priority. Chasing these animals on there turf is a tall order. Shooting one after climbing a mountain is much more difficult than punching paper off a bench. Train as if you are hunting; get the heart rate up, go to the range on a windy day, etc. Congrats on drawing the tag, Auodad hunting is a hoot, one of my favorite animals to chase!


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Congratulations - awesome Aoudad! Fully agree - you have to get where they are first - everything else is secondary!
I took a few with 6.5-284 and 140 NBT from 350-480ish. Put the smack down on em.
Also, I gave a back up shot on a front neck/shoulder crease to help my buddy who hit his farther back with a Needmoor(😁) and couldn't get him back in the scope quick enough.
Your 7mm-08 is enough with a full case under that 140 Nosler! Run her in the upper quandrant for that 500 yard opportunity!
Best of Luck!
Agreed, with the proper shot placement either of your rifles will do the deed. On my hunt, I was using a 30-378 & 210gr Nosler ABLR's. At 425 yards & quartering away, the Aoudad took 3…1st shot was six inches behind the front shoulder & exited the off-side shoulder. Follow up shots were through brush & in the same area as the 1st shot. He went down on the 1st shot but was struggling to get up and thrashing his head around & wasn't going to let him take another step so I emptied my rifle to guarantee he died where he was. We were in some gnarly country & chasing a wounded animal was not an option.

Buddy of mine who was with me shot his Auodad with a 6.5 Creedmoor & 143gr ELD-x @ 225 yards & it died before it hit the ground.

Shot placement is the key to the game, make the 1st one count!
Just went with my wife last month in Texas, rough country, fun hunt. I had a 6.5 PRC, she shoots a Tikka CTR creed suppressed well so that's what she took. Ended up shooting both rams at 620 yards at 29 degree angle. We shot both with the creed because we only pack one rifle when hunting together. My friend/guide said that after the shot the other ram would probably take off but we were far enough away shooting surpressed he just stood looking at his buddy while we switched shooters. I wanted to use the PRC but it worked out fine. 142 gr LR accubonds, both rams were one and done and didn't take a step.

I will add my friend wasn't thrilled about us using a 6.5 creed due to some bad experiences in the past which was probably more a matter of shot placement than anything. It did a great job on these two.


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