Anyone Experienced w/B&L Balvar 6-24?

Jim Bergmann

Feb 20, 2002
St. Louis, MO
I'm considering buying a used rifle with a Bausch & Lomb Balvar 6-24 scope on it. Have any of you had any experience with this scope? If so, can you tell me are the adjustments dependably repeatable? Are they good scopes? Any input would be appreciated.

If the scope has internal adjustments, then they were the ancestors of the present 4000/4200Elite series. Which means excellent scopes. If you get a chance to look through the scope, I think you will be impressed. The Balvar were a little heavy but very well built. Adjustments should be good. If wear has set in, Bushnell will fully warrantee these scopes. Total adjustments would be in the 30 to 45 min range.

If externally adjusted, then also great scopes and you can ask DC about these. He has used them with very positive results.

Good luck...

DC has helped me get mine squared away.
I'll be out testing it this weekend, on my 6mm Remmington.
I will post my results, good bad or indifferent. I must say that the optics are fantastic.



Scope held zero, and optics are exceptionally clear. Sorry for out of focus pics, but I think you get the idea.

Group is just under .5 moa , shot at 100 yards.

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